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The Websites and Domains tab is the default page for administering your website and is used to create and modify FTP accounts, DNS settings, Aliases and Subdomains.

PAGE websites and domains

1) Create Subdomains and add a Domain Alias
2) Change the appearance of the Websites and Domains page to a previous version
3) Quick access to Backups and Databases, basic resource statistics and the Featured Applications list
4) Redirect website traffic to a friendly 503 error page but keep email services running, this is useful for website maintenance
5) Disable all website and email services on the hosting plan
6) The Show More and Show Less button displays or hides the additional options for your hosting plan including FTP Access for setting up FTP usernames and passwords and the DNS Settings used to setup additional DNS records
e.g. you want to keep the website with Domaincheck but transfer email to another provider or vice versa.

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