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Many web design programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web, Apple iWeb all include the ability to publish your website using FTP. Please refer to your web design program documentation or manufacturer website for further information.

Alternative method using Filezilla FTP client
A popular FTP client that we can recommend is called Filezilla. Visit http://filezilla-project.org/ to download and install Filezilla on your computer.

Step 1
Click here to visit the FileZilla website

Step 2
Download and install the version of Filezilla to suite the operating system you are are using. Most clients will be using Windows, if so the link you will need is highlighted below.

Step 3
Once you have download and installed Filezilla, when opened it will look like this…

Step 4
Fill in the host, username and password box with the details provided to you via email that you recieved when you started a hosting package with Domaincheck. Once complete click the “Quickconnect” buttom to connect.


Step 5
Once the connected button has been pressed box 1 will tell you what is happening. If successfully connected a directory listing will be displayed as show in box 3.
Box 2 shows a directory listing of what is on your computer. so to start you would locate your website that is saved on your computer in box 2 and then copy your website across to httpdocs folder in box number 3.
Box 3 shows what is on the server you have connected to. Your website must be uploaded into the “httpdocs” folder and your index.html file must be directly in this folder in order for your hosting to work. The “httpdocs” folder is highlighted in box 4.

Once your website is completely uploaded when you browse to your domain name you should see your newly uploaded website.

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