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Many email apps now enable SSL or TLS encryption by default, ensuring that your email login information and traffic are securely encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet.  This ensures your data cannot be intercepted or tampered with by untrusted third parties.

In order to properly use an encrypted connection, you need to have your email app settings exactly match the names we use on our security certificates.  Some apps, mainly Apple IOS devices, will not allow you to use an encrypted connection unless the settings for your email server hostnames exactly match our certificates.

You can use this guide to look up which server address you need to specify in order to set up a trusted encrypted connection and you then need to update this in your email client/app account settings.

  • Login to your Domaincheck Control Panel at
  • In the “Subscriptions” box in the top-right corner, select the domain-name for the email account you want to set up.
    Domaincheck subscriber and subscription
  • Once the page has loaded, click the “Setup” tab in the menu bar
    Set up Services
  • Make a note of the IP Address on this screen, for example:
  • Look the IP address up in the table below for the corresponding email server hostname to use:
    IP AddressMail Server Hostname
  • Replace the incoming and outgoing hostname/mailserver information in your email account settings within your client/app with the new values.
  • Save and check your email. Should this not work please call us on 0191 2612252
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