Recreate a VPS

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WARNING: Recreating your VPS will restore it back to default and all data held on your VPS will be erased.

To re-create your Domaincheck VPS:

  • Login to the Domaincheck control panel at
  • In the “Subscriptions” drop-down box in the top right corner, select the VPS you’d like to manage
  • Click the “System” tab in the menu bar
  • Click the “Server Info” button
  • Click the “Recreate Server” option.
  • Select the operating system you’d like your VPS to be re-created with.  Choose and confirm a password for the “root” user.
  • When you are sure you would like to continue, click the “Destroy and Recreate” button.  At this point all data on your VPS will be erased and the server will be re-installed with the operating system selected.

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