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Once you’ve bought your brand-new VPS with the Plesk control panel installed, the first thing you’ll need to do is login and make some basic choices about how you’d like to use Plesk.

  • Following the instructions in your Domaincheck VPS welcome email, start a web browser and visit https://YOUR.IP.ADDRESS:8443.
    So for example, if your VPS IP address is you would visit
    You may see a certificate error, this is normal and is due to you not yet having a valid SSL certificate installed.  Accept the warning and continue.
  • At the login page enter “root” as the username and the password you chose in our online shop when you ordered the VPS.

  • You’ll next be asked what your best use-case for the VPS will be.  This choice changes how Plesk looks and can be changed later.  For most purposes choose “Corporate / Business Use” if you’ll only be hosting your own websites & email or “Commercial Web Hosting” if you’ll be hosting websites and email on behalf of your customers.
  • Next, confirm your VPS’s hostname and choose a new administrator password.  This new password will be used to login to Plesk in the future, NOT the root password used earlier:
  • Enter the contact information of who this Plesk installation will be registered to:
  • Enter the information for your first domain and choose a unique username & password for this space.  This username & password can be used for FTP & SSH access to this webspace:
  • Plesk is now configured and you’re all done!
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