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  • Click here to visit the SSL Certificate section of our online shop (opens in new window)
  • Make your choice from the selection of SSL certificates
  • If you have created your own “CSR”, choose the “Upload Certificate Request (CSR)” option and copy/paste the CSR into the box provided, otherwise manually fill in the certificate request boxes below which will generate the CSR.
  • If the certificate is for a website, ensure you include the “www.” portion of the domain-name.
  • The “Approver Email Address” must be ready to receive a confirmation email from the certificate authority, make sure this email address exists or is an alias of another address.
  • Select the relevant Software type for where the SSL will be used.  For Domaincheck web hosting choose “Plesk”
  • Click “Checkout” to proceed with the order (correct any problems if detected)
  • Await an email to be sent to the “Approver Email Address” and follow all of the instructions in this email.
  • Wait for certificate approval.  Upon approval, the SSL Certificate will be emailed to you directly from the certificate authority.
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