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Login to your control panel at

subscriber and subscription
In the subscription drop-box at the top of the screen, select your Plesk Domain subscription.

Click on the Applications tab

all applications
Find the application you want to install in the Featured Applications list or the All Available Applications list and install it by clicking on Install or Install (Custom)


If you want to get quickly setup with an application and don’t want to manually set it up you can use one our automated application installers to do most of the work for you.
Click on the Applications tab and search the available applications for the one you want to install, in this example we will use WordPress to setup a blog.
To use the default settings you can just click on Install and the application will be prepared for you and the blog would be available at

Install App

For a customised install click the downward arrow and choose Install (Custom).
Read the licence agreement and tick the ‘I accept the terms of License Agreement’ box then click Next.
Choose the location the app should be installed to. For example if you wanted WordPress to be installed on a page called blog enter or if you want the blog to appear at the root of your domain (e.g. the blog appears at then delete anything after the slash /.
Make sure the option for ‘Automatically update this app’ is selected
Choose an administrators username and password.
Click on ‘Show All Settings’ to display additional advanced options like modifying the database name, database user name and password, the administrators email address and the blogs name.
Click on Install and the application will be installed.


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