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An ‘A’ record points your domain name to a server’s IPv4 address. This is one of the most commonly used DNS records and is ultimately responsible for directing visitors to your website or email to the destination server. For example domaincheck.co.uk is an A record pointing to

CNAME records (short for Canonical Name) act as an alias of an A record directing visitors to the same IP address as the A record.

CNAME records are used to make administering your domain name easier e.g. www.example.com pointing to example.com which is an A record pointing to an IP address.

MX records (Mail Exchanger) are used to direct email to the server or servers that are in control of your email. MX records have a priority number which tells senders what order to try your mail servers with 0 being the highest priority and 100 being the lowest.

TXT or text records allow you to enter details such as spf records to verify your email is genuinely from you or to prove that you own a domain name.

To set up these records you will need to login into your Domaincheck control panel

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