About Domaincheck


Our mission is to bring the best of our knowledge, skills and experience to our clients so that you trust us and enjoy our service.

Who We Are

We started out in 1995. Our years of experience mean that we’re tech-savvy, internet-wise and know a lot about businesses adapting to new technology and new market trends. We have seen all the ups and downs of the internet as trends and fads have come and gone – there is hardly a situation we have not witnessed which means we have a great wealth of first hand knowledge to share with our clients.

The company began as an internet training agency and began creating web sites and developing applications; Domaincheck was created as our e-commerce answer to the growing demand for on-line sales of domain names and web hosting, in early 2001 we added data centre services to the portfolio offered to clients.

We put you and your business first.

The Domaincheck team has grown from people with different backgrounds and complimentary core skills. This means that we can give you solid advice on issues from internet connectivity to how your business could grow with a better online presence. We’re a friendly, amiable and knowledgeable bunch of individuals, who are all full of enthusiasm and ideas that we’d like to put to work for you.


Our wisdom is accrued and not assumed.

We love what we do, sharing our knowledge and we love our clients. We employ some bright young things to make sure that what we offer is vibrant and our thinking keen. And we’ve got older, experienced heads too just to make sure that we don’t lose sight of what’s really important.

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