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WordPress Hosting

If you’ve decided on WordPress, we’ve got a package for you. Advanced & Pro are perfect for WordPress

Host your site from £50+VAT with easy installation.


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Fancy a Quickie?

Use our Web Presence Builder to create a professional looking website without a professional sized bill

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You've Got Mail

Domaincheck provides reliable and efficient e-mail services as part of our great value web hosting packages, allowing you to run a personalised email account on your domain

Ready to get personal?
£30 per year
1GB Storage
5Gb Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited Mailboxes
SpamExperts Spam and Virus Filter Additional £24+VAT per year
Web Professional
£150 per year
10GB Storage
100Gb Monthly Bandwidth
5 MySQL Databases
Unlimited Mailboxes
SpamExperts Spam and Virus Filter Additional £24+VAT per year
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Technical Specs

Our most popular packages are our Linux based “Standard” Web Hosting packages, hosted on CentOS GNU/Linux servers running the Apache web server software. All of our Linux packages support PHP, Perl and CGI, and come with FTP access for uploading your site files meaning you can get what you need to do done quickly and efficiently.


Our Windows Web Hosting packages are hosted on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 servers running the IIS web server software. As well as ASP.NET and classic ASP, these packages also support PHP and CGI scripts giving you the power to host windows based sites on a reliable platform

Do I Need Web Hosting?

Yes, to have a website running on the internet it has to have somewhere to live. Domaincheck’s hosting offers a reliable and cost-effective home to your great ideas. With packages tailored towards web newbies, WordPress, ecommerce and business hosting, there’s an option for you.

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How Does It All Work?

To let the outside world see your site, it needs to be available online all of the time. Once your hosting is active, you can build or upload your website, and create personal mail accounts. Every time someone visits your domain, they access the data stored on our servers, which we’ve always got ready and available to see.

Is It Going To Cost A Fortune?

No, don’t worry. With Basic packages starting from just £30+VAT per year, you can host your site from as little as £2.50 per month. If you need something a little more fancy, our Advanced package is just £50+VAT per year and if you’re a fully fledged Web Professional you can get all the tools you need from £150+VAT.

Do I Need a Degree in Tech Wizardry?

Definitely not! All of our hosting plans are easy to buy, setup and manage. You get access to an online control panel, where you can run the show yourself. Everything from setting up your email to managing your content and dealing with your bills.

If you get really stuck, you can access our comprehensive help desk and we’ve got the tech wizards in-house to give you a hand if it gets a bit much.

Where Do I Start?

If you’re ready to go, head over to our online shop where you can choose a package, register domains, and buy all your add-ons and extras. You can be up and running in an instant!

Do You Have a Site Building Tool?

Web Presence Builder – Just like Wix or WordPress but included in all Domaincheck hosting.

Now you know what you want Shop here and use the Control Panel to set up with complete control or call 0191 261 2252 for that extra assistance.


header-photo-girlKatie chose Domaincheck and created a site using WordPress and her business was online within minutes! She couldn’t have been happier.

Katie has been a professional photographer for over 10 years, specialising in weddings, christenings and bar mitzvahs. She spent years plying her trade, using business cards, word of mouth and flyers, but decided she needed a website.

First things first, she came up with her ideal Domain Name, and knowing she wanted to use WordPress, gave one of our expert team a call. After a quick chat, it became clear that Domaincheck’s Advanced Hosting package was just the job.

It didn’t take very long for her to register her domain, get hosting installed and WordPress up and running.


Keen philatelist Bob loved stamps. He wanted to share his passion with the world and decided to get himself online to start chatting with others who shared his love.

This needed to be simple to do, as Bob isn’t a tech wizard and wasn’t looking to spend much money. Using Domaincheck’s Web Presence Builder, Bob got a professional looking website online for just £30+VAT which he could create and manage himself.

Now Bob’s life is complete. Great work Bob.

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